DIY beauty

Bath, body and beauty products diy recipes here!

Please note that I am NOT a dermatologist, I have made these recipes based on what works for me, and it would not be wise to attempt these if you have sensitive skin, specifically facial products.

Also note that skin conditions like acne may be a sign of an issue that is more than skin deep, and cannot always be treated with DIY facials and topical treatment.


Based on the book ‘You Are What you Eat’ by Dr. Gillian Mckeith, the location of pimples may signify an issue within the body that can be reversed with changes to the diet. It is not necessary to attempt every solution unless the solution of choice from the lists below did not work. Additionally, bodily hygiene is vital to the prevention of acne, especially in locations such as the back, post workout, because the accumulation of microbes may cause breakouts.

  • Forehead Pimples:
    • Signify an issue with the intestinal area
      • Solutions: increase fiber intake via Psyllium Husk: take psyllium husk supplements on a daily basis until problem area clears up OR mix 1 tablespoon of psyllium husk in 250ml of water, let to set for 5-10 min and drink on an empty stomach every morning. Some Acne is caused by a food intolerance or sensitivity, it would be wise to be tested for sensitivities if the acne persists.
  • Cheek Pimples:
    • Signify an issue with the Lung and breast area
      • Solutions: Drink Mullein tea and take astragalus supplements (3x/day), take oil of primrose supplements, take echinacea liquid tincture (20 drops/day), avoid dairy products, saturated fats, and red meats.
  • Nose Pimples: 
    • Signify an issue with the heart area
      • Solutions: take hawthorn supplements, take coenzyme Q10, eat barley grass (1tsp/day), drink 2 cups of hawthorn tea daily
  • Jaw Pimples:
    • Signify an issue with the kidney area
      • Solutions: drink dandelion leaf tea, take a magnesium supplement, and B complex daily, eat quinoa
  • Shoulder Pimples:
    • Signify an issue with the digestive area
      • Solutions: take digestive enzyme supplements with all meals, drink 1 tbsp of aloe vera juice before meals.
  • Chest Pimples:
    • Signify an issue with the lung and heart area
      • Solutions: drink mullein tea and ginkgo biloba teas regularly, take coenzyme Q10 supplements
  • Upper Back Pimples: 
    • Signify an issue with the lung area
      • Solutions: take astragalus supplements, germanium supplements, and include the following herbs in your food preparation: basil, cayenne, fennel, fenugreek, garlic, ginger, mullein, nettles, peppermint. Drink celery juice and mullein teas, avoid dairy products, sugars, and peanuts
  • Pimples Around the Mouth:
    • Signify an issue with the reproductive area
      • Solutions: take the supplement agnus castus twice daily (also known as Vitex or chaste berry)